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instantOS uses a program called instantTHEMES to theme the system. the goal of instantTHEMES is to provide a simple way to create themes that look coherent across the entire system.

Configure many parts of the OS

A theme can declaratively theme the following system components - Mouse Cursor - GTK - Icon theme - Fonts - QT


instantTHEMES integrates with imosid which allows to include theming configuration for arbitrary programs, all without messing with user configuration

Simple workflow

Themes are special packages that can be shared easily and installed with a single command. They include everything instantTHEMES needs to install and apply all parts %% of the theme.

Apply/switch themes

instantthemes apply themename

you can list all available themes with

instantthemes list

Dark/Light mode

Creating themes


Advanced command-line usage


instantthemes query query_expression

This executes a dasel query on the current theme and puts the results in stdout. you can read more about dasel at The dasel query expression is optional. If no expression is passed, the whole theme config file is output instead.


~  instantthemes query
defaultvariant = "light"
dependencies = ["materia-gtk-theme", "papirus-icon-theme", "instantcursors", "inter-font"]
name = "instantOS"
version = 0

  accent = "#88B2F6"
  background = "#121212"

  size = 16
  theme = "elementary-instantos"

  name = "Inter"
  size = 12


    theme = "Materia-dark"

    theme = "Materia"

  dark = "Papirus-Dark"
  light = "Papirus"


    kvantum = "Materia"
    theme = "kvanum-dark"

    theme = "kvantum"
~ 

And example query executed on the same theme

~  instantthemes query qt.dark
kvantum = "Materia"
theme = "kvanum-dark"
~ 