Beta 6

This is the biggest update so far. There are no radical changes, just a large number of added features and small improvements.

Below is a rough summary of the most important stuff, but there are less noticeable changes not on the list.

  • Notification system
    • Do not disturb mode added
    • Option to set maximum history size
  • New shell setup
    • Based on zinit
    • Faster startup time
    • Auto suggestions
  • Lots of bug fixes
    • Fixed vertical/uneven monitor setups
    • Fixed quickmenu add option
    • More reliable printer discovery
    • Installer now works in regions with censorship (most of them probably)
  • New ISO mirrors
    • torrent
    • ipfs
  • Flatpak/AppImage integration
  • Reworked installer
    • You can go back now (finally)
    • Better options overview
  • instantSEARCH
    • Intuitive file search GUI
    • Based on plocate (very fast)
  • Settings center changes
    • Added recursive search
    • Speedtest
    • Option for multiple keyboard layouts

And lots of other stuff that is very boring but cool to haveā€¦