A more technical and live updatung list of concrete features can be found here

Finish up Documentation

Most articles from the Arch Wiki should apply to instantOS, so the documentation will focus in instantOS specific things only. It will consist of many short articles with a video and text version that teach a single feature at a time. Learn the basics and add one more feature a day to your workflow to build your muscle memory and you’ll be taking full advantage of all features in no time.

32bit and ARM support

instantOS is more than capable of running on very low end hardware, even more so than lubuntu or other lightweight distros. Unfortunately, a lot of this older/cheaper hardware is running on different cpu architectures. There is a 32 bit build planned and for ARM efforts will be focused on the Raspberry Pi first.

The arm project has been picked up by the community and is developed over at you can discuss development on Discord in the arm-development channel.