required skills

instantOS comes with instantASSIST, a collection of small little programs that can be accessed using only a few keystrokes.

Access it using Super + A. This will pop up a menu showing all available keystrokes. Hovering over a letter will display a short description. Press one of them to activate the corresponding section. Some assists will have multiple options available. They will be displayed in the same menu. Press the key again to go with the default one, press one of the keys listed to execute their corresponding action. These key combinations are called assists.

For example: The w-assist consists of pressing Super + A to activate the menu and then typing in “w”. The w-assist is responsible for quickly changing your wallpaper. It will list some other options. Press w again to execute the default action which is generating a new wallpaper from a random source.

The h-assist will list all available assists and their purposes.