Keybindings reference

This is a rundown of all keybindings. They are just for reference, to properly learn instantOS, refer to the documentation.

You can access this list by pressing Super + F1


Binding Functionality
Super + Space Open text based application launcher
Super + Ctrl + Space Open super lightweight command launcher
Super + Shift + Space Toggle window between floating and tiling
Super + Q Close Application
Super + C Grid layout
Super + M Monocle layout
Super + Number Switch to tag number
Super + Tab Switch between two most recent tags
Super + Shift + Tab Switch to last window
Super + Shift + Number Move window to tag number
Super + Return Open terminal
Super + Shift + Return Move window into master area
Super + Ctrl + Number Toggle on additional tag
Super + Alt + Number Follow window to tag number
Super + Shift + Comma/Period Move window to other monitor
Super + Alt + Comma/Period Move and follow window to other monitor
Super + J/K Switch focus
Super + Ctrl + J/K Move window through stack
Super + Y Open graphical application launcher
Super + Ctrl + W Define overlay
Super + W Toggle overlay
Super + E Go into overview mode, press again to switch back
Super + Shift + E Overview mode but all windows are stacked
Alt + Tab Open application switcher
Alt + F4 Close Application
Super + Ctrl + L Lock screen
Super + Ctrl + Q Open shutdown menu
Super + Ctrl + Shift + Q Restart Window Manager
Super + A Open instantASSIST
Super + Shift + A Repeat last instantASSIST action
Super + Alt + Space Switch keyboard layout
Super + G Notification center
Super + Left/Right Switch to adjacent tag
Super + Shift + Left/Right Move Window to adjacent tag
Overlay: Super + Shift + Arrows Switch overlay modes
Super + Alt + Left/Right Follow Window to adjacent tag
Super + Up/Down Switch focus
Super + Comma/Period Switch monitor focus
Super + Ctrl + Comma/Period Cycle through all layouts
Super + B Toggle status bar
Super + Alt + S Toggle tag icons
Super + Shift + S Move application to scratchpad
Super + S Toggle scratchpad
Super + Ctrl + S Make current window sticky
Super + Ctrl + Shift + S Hide empty tags
Super + Alt + Shift + S Toggle animations
Super + N Open file manager
Super + R Open Ranger
Super + F Disable Tiling for current tag
Super + I Increase number of windows in Master area
Super + D Decrease number in Master area (0 -> no master)
Super + H/L Resize Master area
Super + Shift + H/J/K/L Move floating window
Super + Alt + H/J/K/L Resize floating window
Super + Alt + W Center floating window
Super + P Switch between two most recent layouts
Super + X Open application switcher
Super + ^ Open graphical application switcher
Super + Shift + D Enter window drawing mode
Super + Ctrl + H Minimize window
Super + Ctrl + Alt + H unminimize all windows
Super + Shift + Alt + D Toggle performance modes
Super + Shift + M Enter move mode
Super + Alt + M Enter resize mode
Super + V Open quickmenu
Super + Ctrl + C Open settings
Super + Print Take area screenshot to pictures folder
Super + Shift + V Open clipboard manager
Super + Shift + Esc Open system monitor
Super + Ctrl + Print Take area screenshot to clipboard
Super + Shift + Print Take fullscreen screenshot to clipboard
Super + Ctrl + D Distribute applications between tags
Super + Ctrl + I Open instantPACMAN
Super + Shift + Up/Down Minimize/Restore window
Super + Ctrl + F Toggle temporaly fullscreen
Super + Shift + F Toggle fake fullscreen
Super + F2 Toggle action prefix
Super + Shift + P Open external screen settings
Super + 0 Show all tags
Super + Shift + 0 Make current window active on all tags
Super + Shift + I Open Snapdrop
Super + Alt + F Open instantSearch


Binding Functionality
Ctrl + Shift + C Copy
Ctrl + Shift + V Paste
Ctrl + +/- Adjust font size
Shift + Left Mouse Select Text
Ctrl + D Close terminal


Binding Part of the Screen Functionality
Scroll Status text Change volume
Super + Click Status text Open settings
Super + Right Click Status text Pause/unpause media
Super + Middle Click Status text Mute/unmute audio
Super + Scroll Status text Change brightness (laptop only)
Super + Shift + Click Status text Open audio settings
Super + Ctrl + Click Status text Notification center
Click Window title Focus window
Middle Click Window title Close window
Right Click Window title Put window into master
Drag Right Mouse button Window title Resize window
Drag Left Mouse button Window title Move window
Ctrl + Scroll Window title Resize window and keep aspect ratio
Super + Drag left mouse button Window Move window
Super + Drag right mouse button Window Resize window
Super + Middle Click Window Toggle window between floating and tiling
Super + Shift + drag right mouse button Window Resize window and keep aspect ratio
Left Click Desktop Open app launcher
Right Click Desktop Open text based app launcher
Left Click Status text Open app launcher
Middle Click Status text Open Terminal
Middle Click Desktop Open super lightweight command runner
Right Click Status text Open app switcher
Scroll Window bar Switch focus
Shift + Scroll Window bar Move Window through stack
Super + Left Click Window bar Toggle overlay
Super + Right Click Window bar Notification center
Super + Left Click Desktop Toggle overlay
Super + Right Click Desktop Notification center
Scroll Up Desktop Open overlay
Scroll Down Desktop Close overlay
Left/Right Click Layout indicator Cycle through layouts
Super + Left Click Layout indicator Define overlay
Middle Click Layout indicator Switch to default layout
Left Click Shutdown button Open Shutdown menu
Right Click Shutdown button Lock screen
Middle Click Shutdown button Lock screen without password
Left Click Start menu Open start menu
Right Click Start menu Open quick menu
Shift + Click Start menu Toggle action prefix


These are only active when there is no window on the current tag

Binding Functionality
Return Open terminal
A Open instantASSIST
F Open browser
E Open text editor
R Open ranger
M Open Spotify
N Open file manager
V Open quickmenu
Y Open text based app launcher
Space Open Graphical Launcher
F1 See all keybindings
Tag Number Switch to Tag Number
Tab Open app switcher
C Open VS Code
+/- change volume
H/L go to adjacent tag
J/K go to active tag
left/right go to adjacent tag
up/down go to active tag