Shutting down

required skills

To shut down your computer, press Super + Ctrl + Q to open the shutdown menu. From there you can choose between multiple options. There also is a shutdown button to the right of the layout indicator. It only appears when all applications on the current tag are closed, encouraging you to do so before shutting down your computer.

  • Shutdown: Shuts down your computer.
  • Reboot: Shut down the computer and start it back up again.
  • Logout: log out of your user session and go back to the display manager. If your goal is to keep your computer secure while leaving it unattended, you should lock the screen instead.
  • Lock screen: Lock the screen. For more information, refer to the Lock screen article.
  • Restart WM: Restart the window manager. This is only really useful for tampering with it or recovering from a crash or freeze
  • Suspend: keep current ram contents and pause the rest of the system. Can be used to save battery.
  • Cancel: Closes the menu. You can also close it using the right mouse button or the escape key.