Customizing instantWM

instantWM is customized through ~/. Xresources

The syntax for changing a parameter value is the following

instantwm.parameter: value

After editing ~/. Xresources, run xrdb ~/. Xresources and then restart instantWM

Bar height


instantwm.barheight: 2

This parameter sets the amount extra rows of pixels that get added to the top and bottom of the title bar. Putting 0 here would mean the text would touch the bars boundaries.

Example of a top bar with the height 2


Example of a top bar with the height 24



This is the default font.

instantwm.font: Cantarell-Regular:size=12

To change font size, simply change the number at the end.

instantwm.font: Cantarell-Regular:size=22

You can change this to any font you like with any size, granted that you put in the right font name.


This feature is implemented, the documentation is not yet.