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Theming the terminal

General info

The terminal emulator in use (by default) on instantOS is a custom fork of st. There is nothing special about it and all features are either from the original codebase or patches, with only some fixes to make different patches work together better.

The theming of st-instantos is done through xresources. As with all xresources customisations, config changes need to be put in ~/.Xresources and are applied by running xrdb ~/.Xresources and restarting the application being customized (in this case just close and reopen a terminal).


These are the default colors for the terminal found in ~/.Xresources. These apply to most terminal emulators and are in the usual hex color code format. The lines with the exclamation marks are comments and are not required.

*color0: #383c4a
*color8: #626A7E

*color1: #E0527E
*color9: #E7766B

*color2: #4BEC90
*color10: #3CBF75

*color3: #D8D782
*color11: #CFCD63

*color4: #5294e2
*color12: #579CEF

*color5: #CE50DD
*color13: #E7766B

*color6: #6BE5E7
*color14: #90FDFF

*color7: #CCCCCC
*color15: #FFFFFF


Be sure to run xrdb ~/.Xresources to apply any changes


instantOS Beta 7 and after will automatically stop updating Xresources after it has been modified to prevent overwriting any customisations. running imosid compile ~/.Xresources will resume updates.


The xresources entry for setting the terminal font is st.font

For example, the default font can be set with

st.font: Fira Code Nerd Font Mono:pixelsize=15

//TODO tutorial how font names can be found